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Manuel Urbina

Tarrant County College District


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Tarrant County College District
Hi, my name is Manuel Urbina. I am from Fort Worth, Texas, and I attend Tarrant County College. I am the first to attend college from my family and I take it as a great honor. I choose to attend college to enhance my abilities to create a positive legacy. The legacy I will leave behind is that an individual may overcome any obstacle they may encounter.
I believe that coming from the bottom and rising to the top is one way to reach an audience. I do hope to work on this board not to just better myself, but to better others that will be around me. Also, I want to inspire new ideas and create new opportunities for every individual that I may meet in the future of this program.
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Ex-Officio BOD Member


(682) 231-2036

PO Box 470474
Fort Worth, TX 76147


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