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Join TTA, Get the last Quarter Free!

  • 23 Nov 2019
  • 31 Dec 2019

Join TTA today,
Get the last quarter of 2019 free!


Why Join the Tarrant Transit Alliance?

Getting around is expensive.

Especially for moderate-income households.

Moderate-income households spend 1/3 of their income on transportation

.... its expensive for the earth as well!

Our population is growing.

The city of Fort Worth's Population is estimated to grow by 60% by 2045

Congestion is increasing.

In DFW, we spend almost 3 full days in traffic & Congestion has more than doubled since 1990.

... Transit demand is growing too!

... BUT, our system is seriously lacking.


While Trinity Metro has worked hard to build upon this large system, and has some really exciting new features rolling out in 2020...

Among TX's major transit systems, Trinity Metro receives the least local funding.

They have the lowest sales tax rate (.5%) & fewest member communities too.

That means they have done a whole lot with very little, but we know we need to make transit options more of a priority.

Options = Access = Smart Growth

We know that a multi-modal system (one that includes trains, buses, bikes, walking, micro-transit, shuttles, and anything else that gets you out of your single-occupancy vehicle) is the best tool to meet our community's challenges head-on.

More transit options mean people have the freedom to choose how they travel in our community. Options mean that our neighbors can get to work, school, the doctors, and social activities without relying on owning a vehicle.

Our ability to move touches every thread in our community's fabric - infrastructure needs, equity, workforce, economic development, city/county/state/national policy, public health, and so much more. While the approaches to improving our system vary, we know that the first step is making transit improvements and funding a PRIORITY. A priority for our citizens, a priority for our city leaders, and priority for our businesses, a priority for everyone!

These are just a few of the signature programs the TTA has offered in the two years we have existed. In the next year, you will see our programs expand even more.

We need passionate individuals and dedicated organizations who want to show our local, county, and state officials that we value a multi-modal system

We believe in the power of movement to change a community, and we encourage you to show your support by joining this organization. Your financial contribution means that we can continue to advocate for our region's future. Your volunteer time and energy means we can do more as an organization.

Please consider joining the Tarrant Transit Alliance today!

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(682) 231-2036

PO Box 470474
Fort Worth, TX 76147


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