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TTA NEWSLETTER: What's New with TTA?

20 Feb 2018 8:36 AM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)



The Tarrant Transit Alliance has been hard at work formalizing our organization's structure.  This includes forming our Board of Directors (more to come on this!) and finalizing the first draft of our Strategic Plan.

If you are interested in getting involved with the TTA, please fill out the following form:


At the same time, we are already hard at work advocating for improved transportation funding with the City of Fort Worth!  We have been meeting with City Council and City Staff members to discuss funding options, and have a meeting scheduled with the League of Neighborhoods to continue our advocacy and education efforts!

Finally, we are working on a Transit 101 workshop that we will begin to offer to people who are interested in learning more about how Transportation works in our region and what they can do to help improve public transportation.  This program is based on the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee's Transit Citizen Leadership Academy.  Some of the topics this course would cover includes:

  • Scanning the Landscape - a look at the historical, economic and social impact of transportation in the United States and in North Texas.
  • Understanding the Current Reality - An exploration of Tarrant County's transit system and the challenges we face.
  • Identifying Models of Success - An analysis of the successes and failures of other communities facing a transit challenge.
  • Evaluating the Options - An examination weighing value and cost of options for Tarrant County, informed by global practices.
  • Engaging the Community - Identification, and activation of community resources to support transit conversations.
  • Creating the Conversation - A design for facilitating conversation on transit options and opportunities.

This is just the beginning! There will be more information on this program in the coming months.




The Dash is a grass-roots-led initiative aimed at resolving current mobility problems along the West 7th Corridor and connecting the Cultural District and Downtown. We are committed to demonstrating how innovative funding models can inspire investment in public transportation infrastructure and services which will produce economic and social benefits for our community. In fact, investment in transit can exceed the payoff of investment in many other policy areas, including the expected effects of reducing taxpayer burden.

The vision for the Dash is to be a multi-route circulator system, with future recommended routes connecting Downtown to 1) Near Southside, 2) Panther Island and the Stockyards, and 3) Six Points Urban Village (planned). The first and most urgent route is the Cultural District line, which will utilize all-electric buses -- the first of their kind added to The T’s fleet. These energy efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles are sleek, unique and will have WiFi connectivity.


This citizen-led project is a public/private partnership with The FWTA committed to providing 75% of the necessary funding for the Dash but it is up to businesses and citizens to raise the remaining 25% of operating costs. The funding model will also include a fixed fare.


Proposed Launch Timeline - EARLY 2019!

Proposed Operating Schedule -

  • Sunday - Saturday, 10 am - 10 pm (15-min service)

  • Thursday - Saturday, 10 pm - 12:30 am (15-min service with extended evening hours)

Find out more about the DASH



Starting in May of 2018, Tarrant County College will be purchasing bus passes for all 50,000+ students in their district to help their students get to class.  TCC's Student IDs will work as their bus pass, and they can utilize the pass anywhere that currently gets service.  Tarrant County College is also working with Trinity Metro to extend service to campuses that currently do not have service.  

The Tarrant Transit Alliance will be partnering with Tarrant County College to help promote this partnership and educate their students on how to utilize these services.  This is a huge win for transportation utilization and ridership and we look forward to watching this program roll out in the coming months!



TEXRail is on track to begin operations in late 2018.  This new commuter rail line will extend from downtown Fort Worth, northeast through North Richland Hills to downtown Grapevine, and then into DFW International Airport.  

Did you know that there are people who still do not know about TEXRail?  If we want improved transit options in Tarrant County, TEXRail is an opportunity for us to show how successful a transit project can be!  We need to make TEXRail a roaring success by telling everyone we know about it!  

Want more information about TEXRail?

Learn about TEXRail



Have you heard? The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (AKA 'The T') has announced a name change.  As of January 29, our transportation authority is taking on a name that reflects a more regional look at transportation - Trinity Metro.

Read all about it


Fort Worth Grapples With How to Boost Transit Spending

City of Fort Worth Councilmen Carey Moon (District 4) and Brian Byrd (District 3), spoke with the Trinity Metro Board of Directors on February 8th about the potential of increasing funding for transportation by allocating a portion of the sales-tax earnings.  Councilman Moon suggested bringing this to a vote in the May election.

This came a week after City Manager David Cooke gave a presentation about Transit Funding in the pre-council meeting.  One of the possibilities mentioned in this January 30th session was taking funding from the Crime Control and Prevention District, a suggestion that the Tarrant Transit Alliance does not support.  Utilizing the cent that currently goes into the General Fund is a much better option, but it appears that the suggestion to put this on the May ballot has not come to fruition.  This does not stop the possibility of increased funding, it simply will not appear on the May ballot.

Read all about it


Arlington will Commit to Public Transportation — Once High-Speed Rail is Definite, Mayor Says

One of the ways Transportation Authorities receive funding is by adding Member Cities.  At the moment, Trinity Metro only has 3 member communities.  Will the prospect of high-speed rail bring Arlington into the fold?

Read all about it


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