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  • 9 Jan 2018 8:15 AM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    The TTA Founder's Council

    Ken Adair
    Harris, Finley & Bogle

    Carlo Andreani
    Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers

    Tyler Arbogast
    Development Director
    James R. Harris Partners

    Paul Ballard
    President & CEO
    Ft Worth Transportation Authority

    Kenneth Barr
    Barr Consulting

    Michael Bennett
    Principal & CEO
    Bennett Benner Partners

    Daniel Berce
    President & CEO
    GM Financial

    Victor Boschini
    Texas Christian University

    Mike Brennan
    Planning Director
    Near Southside

    Derek Buchanan
    Vice President - Commercial Real Estate
    Frost Bank

    Naomi Byrne
    EJP Consulting Group 

    David Campbell
    Vice President
    Huitt Zollars

    Larry Chilton
    Executive VP of Real Estate Lending
    Frost Bank

    Linda Christie
    Government Relations
    Tarrant Regional Water District

    Travis Clegg
    Peloton Land Solutions

    Bill Coppola
    President - Southeast Campus
    Tarrant County College

    John Cornelsen
    Evolving Texas

    Jeff Davis
    Chairman - Fort Worth Division
    Republic Title

    Michelle Davis-Mohammed
    Manager of Real Estate Management Services
    Tarrant County College District

    Ryan Dwiggins
    Vice President of Development
    CHC Development

    Charles Edmonds
    Charles Edmonds & Associates

    Sal Espino
    Fee Attorney
    Sendera Title

    John Michael Franks
    Wynne Law Firm

    Tom Galbreath
    Dunaway Associates

    Randy Gideon

    Eugene Giovannini
    Tarrant County College

    Susan Grawe
    Business Development Director
    Balfour Beatty

    Dak Hatfield
    Hatfield Properties

    John D. Hall
    VP of Administration & Campus Operations
    University of Texas at Arlington

    Sloan Harris
    VLK Architects

    Joel Heydenburk
    Jackson Walker

    James Hill
    Executive VP
    Texas Capital Bank

    Bob Jameson
    President & CEO
    FW Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Ginger Johnson
    VP, Business Development Officer
    LegacyTexas Bank

    Ryan Johnson
    Managing Partner
    Good Hope Development

    Nanci Johnson-Plump
    Vice President

    Vistasp Karbhari
    University of Texas at Arlington

    Drew Kile
    Senior Director
    Institutional Property Advisors

    Jeff King
    Northern Trust Company

    Brad Lonberger
    Gateway Planning Group

    Scott Mahaffey
    Cohn & Gregory

    Drew Martin
    Managing Director

    Nicholas K. Martin
    Asset & Project Manager
    Concorde Asset Group

    Andre McEwing
    Supplier Diversity Manager
    Tarrant County College District & 
    Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

    Matt Montague

    Paxton Motheral
    Vice President
    Cassco Development

    Ken Newell
    Trinity Lakes and Newell Company

    Neftali Ortiz
    Manufacturing Engineer
    Lockheed Martin

    Paul Paine
    Near Southside

    Brandy O'Quinn
    Public Affairs Senior Manager
    Blue Zones Project

    Nina Petty
    Vice Chancellor for Real Estate & Facilities 
    Tarrant County College District

    Phillip Poole

    Brian Randolph
    Mercantile Properties

    Keri Redford
    Managing Director
    JLL Valuation & Advisory Services

    Titus Rodriguez
    City Council Place 1
    City of North Richland Hills

    Pollard Rogers
    Cantey Hanger LLP

    Jonathan Russell
    Sr. Project Manager
    Dunaway Associates

    Al Saenz

    Fred Slabach
    Texas Wesleyan University

    TD Smyers
    President & CEO
    United Way of Tarrant County

    Casey Tounget
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors

    Walter Williams
    Director of Operational Infrastructure
    Tarrant County College District

  • 22 Sep 2017 5:07 PM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    "It's dishonorable..." lack of quorum shuts down debate about public transit

    BY SANDRA BAKER sabaker@star-telegram.com

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 05:07 PM UPDATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 10:07 PM

    FORT WORTH — A proposal to devote city property tax revenue to expanded bus service in Fort Worth appears dead after two council members who opposed the measure failed to show up for a public hearing Friday afternoon.

    The council had scheduled a special session for a public hearing to change the property tax rate that, if approved, could have given the T about $2.8 million from tax revenues in 2018. The Fort Worth Transportation Authority has said it needs the money to implement expanded bus services to the city’s west side.

    The council knew three of its members had conflicts and were not going to be able to make the meeting. But when Cary Moon of District 4 and Jungus Jordan of District 6 did not show for the meeting, Mayor Betsy Price declared a lack of quorum 15 minutes after it was supposed to start.

    About four dozen residents, some in wheelchairs who previously have spoken about being transit dependent, showed up to the meeting. About half of them met with Councilwoman Ann Zadeh afterward in a separate meeting room, where 17 people spoke. 

    Read More at Star-Telegram.com

  • 21 Sep 2017 3:32 PM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    BY SANDRA BAKER sabaker@star-telegram.com

    SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 03:32 PM UPDATED SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 06:58 PM

    FORT WORTH — It’s clear the City Council is headed toward spending property tax revenue on public transportation for the first time in the city’s history.

    That means homeowners will contribute to the city’s bus system by paying more property taxes than the city had originally planned, about $10 to $20 more for the owner of a $200,000 home.

    Not all of the council members will agree to it. They will discuss the issue further Friday during a public hearing on the 2018 budget.

    Council members are torn between continuing to lower the city’s property tax rate in the wake of rising property values and improving the transportation system for a better quality of life. 

    Read More at Star-Telegram.com

  • 16 Sep 2017 10:31 AM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    SEPTEMBER 16, 2017 10:31 AM UPDATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 04:30 PM

    BY BUD KENNEDY bud@star-telegram.com (Updated.)

    FORT WORTH — Amazon nearly made Fort Worth a $6 million delivery, and with the help of Facebook.

    Young professionals pointing to Amazon’s expansion plan convinced City Council to think a few days about a larger tax increase and buying an extra $6 million in better city bus service.

    Two council opponents eventually sank the idea. But it was last-minute anyway. It was another example of civic activism fostered on Facebook. 

    Read more at Star-Telegram.com

  • 13 Sep 2017 6:44 PM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 06:44 PM UPDATED SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 07:15 PM

    BY SANDRA BAKER sabaker@star-telegram.com

    FORT WORTH — The City Council has opened the door to expanded bus service by its decision to consider taking property tax revenues and spending it on public transportation.

    Councilwoman Ann Zadeh pressed the issue Tuesday night, saying “fixing the transit system is our job.”

    The council voted 6-1 to consider setting the proposed property tax rate for 2018 to 81.5 cents per $100 assessed valuation, which is one cent higher than what’s been proposed.

    Zadeh wants the revenue from the penny, or about $5.7 million, to go to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, or the T. The money would be used to expand and improve services to the city’s west side. 

    Read more at Star-Telegram.com

  • 11 Sep 2017 11:30 AM | Rachel Albright (Administrator)

    BY SANDRA BAKER sabaker@star-telegram.com

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 05:43 PM UPDATED SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 11:39 AM

    FORT WORTH — Advocates for public transportation plan to ask the Fort Worth City Council on Tuesday to put more money toward the city’s transit needs.

    The Tarrant Transit Alliance was launched late last week on the heels of Councilwoman Ann Zadeh’s plea to her council colleagues that the city not reduce the property tax rate as planned.

    Instead of the proposed reduction of 3 cents for the 2018 budget, Zadeh suggested a cut of 2 cents, with the money going to the T to help it improve services.

    Zadeh’s remarks came during a budget work session Thursday, in which she said it was “irresponsible” the city wasn’t doing more to help the T put in a master plan the City Council asked for three years ago. She also said the council needs to stop talking about improving public transportation and actually do something. 

    Read More at Star-Telegram.com

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